Learn to Sail

Learn Sailing Right!

In addition to our racing team and accessible sailing programs, ASU Sailing teaches an introductory sailing course.

Our instructors are all active sailors with years of experience, certified by US Sailing to teach with a high level of quality and safety. This course is taught with US Sailing’s nationally recognized curriculum. We use the text, “Learn Sailing Right,” (included in the course fee, also available for purchase online).

The class includes approximately twelve hours of classroom time and 48 hours of on-the-water training. This offers a good balance of theoretical and physical learning.

By the end of this course, students will know the following:

  • The parts of the boat
  • How to rig a boat
  • Finding the wind direction
  • The points of sail
  • Steering the boat
  • Trimming the sails
  • Getting underway
  • Sailing upwind
  • Sailing downwind
  • Returning to shore
  • Basic navigation
  • Seamanship and Safety

This part of the team is open to all ASU student and costs $150 a semester which covers access to all equipment.


  1. Jake says:

    The only things you will need to do before the class begins is to take a float test and have a Coast Guard Approved Type III or better PFD (lifejacket).

    The float test is required by the city of Tempe to make sure that you are able to swim. You need to be able to demonstrate that you can tread water for 10 min., swim a lap and put a life jacket on and get out of the pool with whatever clothes you would be wearing while sailing.

    The float test can be administered by any Red Cross certified lifeguard. The SRC pool doesn’t charge anything, but you can take it to a City of Tempe pool and they will charge five dollars to get it done. Just remember to bring the float test form with you. You can download the form here.

    As for equipment, we strongly recommend that you get a Coast Guard approved Type III PFD (life jacket) designed for small boat sailing. Kayaking vests also work very well due to their design for ease of movement and comfort. We have a few for people to use, but not enough for everyone.

    The classes will meet in the boat yard in the Tempe Town Lake Marina.

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