Adaptive Sailing

Jake and Ross approaching the dock

ASU Sailing is one of the only organizations in Arizona to offer an adaptive sailing program designed to make sailing possible for all. Our Martin 16 with its electronic controls makes it possible for anyone who breaths to sail independently.

It’s designed so that a person sits low inside the boat instead of leaning over the side. This allows people with special needs to sail alone with training.

Several aspects of the design include:

  • Ballasted keel ensuring that the boat will not capsize.
  • Hull design, designated to promote stability and responsiveness.
  • Adaptive technology that can be controlled by any moving body part or a person’s breath. This allows people with profound needs to sail their own boats.

ASU Sailing has been recognized by both  the Community Sailing Council of  US SAILING and the city of Tempe’s Commission on Disability Concerns for having an outstanding program for people with disabilities.

Peter sailing Martin 16 with Autohelm and windlass

Peter sailing Martin 16 with autohelm/windlas.

Here’s an excerpt from About Us regarding the purchase of the autohelm system:

“In October 2007, the ASU Sailing Club raised $7400 and ordered the autohelm/windlas for the Martin 16 which allows a person with limited mobility to control the boat with either an electronic joystick or the sailors breath by using the sip and puff controls. This would not been possible without the generous support of Lee Rizzuto, owner of the Conair Corporation; Jerry Kahn, founder of the Fulham Group; and the John Figy Adaptive Sports Endowment Fund. The club received and installed the autohelm/windlass in Jan. 2009.”

For more information and to get started sailing please contact us.

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