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Please let your Undergraduate Student Government (USG) Senator the importance of the ASU Sailing Club and sport clubs in general. Please send an email to your Senator or show up tonight at the USG Senate meeting and explain how an increase funding from USG would help the sailing club. Explain how the club is benefited you personally and what the club does for the University.

Below is an email that Sun Devil Sports Clubs sent out to its members, which includes members of the sailing club with details on how to contact your Senator and details of the time and place of the USG Senate meeting. Sun Devil Sports Clubs represents club sports and allocates funding from USG to individual sport clubs.

Undergraduate Sports Club Members,


As you may know, your sport is one of the many non-Division I sports that are supported by funding from USG. In previous years, sport club funding has received drastic cuts, but this year we have the opportunity to reverse some of the damage done in previous years. However, to accomplish this, we need your help.


This Tuesday, September 9, USG is voting on their annual budget. USG President Cass Possehl has worked extremely hard to find space for sport club funding in this year’s budget. Now we, the student body, need to encourage USG senators to support President Possehl’s budget.


Please send all the senators from your college an email stating your support—and encouraging theirs—for Presidents Possehl’s budget, in particular sport club funding. Click here for a list of the USG Senators by college and their contact information.


To better educate the USG Senators about the value of the sport club program we recommend attaching the “Sun Devil Sport Clubs Overview” document and a short, personal message about how your sport and sport clubs in general have been valuable to you and the ASU community.


We also encourage undergraduates to attend the USG Senate Meeting on Tuesday, September 9th, at 6:30pm in MU 228 to voice their support in person on the open floor at the beginning of the meeting. The dress of this meeting is business formal so please dress appropriately.


If you would like more information about the sport clubs visit or view the overview of the sport clubs linked above.


Thank you for your assistance,


Sun Devil Sports Clubs

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