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Now you’ve seen a bit about us and you want to join the club. Joining ASU Sailing is a pretty simple process, although there’s enough paperwork to make it look complicated. We are open to ASU students and faculty, although intercollegiate racing is limited to undergraduate students. There are no requirements on experience level. All we ask is for you to bring a willingness to learn and be a part of the program. As for equipment, we strongly recommend that you get a Coast Guard approved Type III PFD (life jacket) designed for small boat sailing. Kayaking vests also work very well due to their design for ease of movement and comfort. We have a few for people to use, but not enough for everyone. When we’re sailing, remember that we’ll be out in the elements. That means we’ll be exposed to sun, heat, water and wind in the warmer months, and to cold, wet conditions in the cooler months and in cooler venues. Please bring appropriate clothing, water and sunscreen.

Fun with ASU Sailing

Now for the paperwork…

There are several registration requirements which need to be taken care of before you can participate in the club. These are a float test, SRC registration and pay your club dues.

Float Test

You need to be able to demonstrate that you can tread water for 10 min., swim a lap and put a life jacket on and get out of the pool with whatever clothes you would be wearing while sailing.

The float test can be administered by any Red Cross certified lifeguard. The SDFC pool doesn’t charge anything, but you can take it to a City of Tempe pool and they will charge five dollars to get it done. Just remember to bring the float test form with you. You can download the form here.

SDFC Registration

First pay the SDFC registration fee. This can be done at the desk at the entrance of the SDFC, they take cash, checks and credit cards. You only need to pay an annual fee of $25 since we are an off campus club.

Once you get that done, please register yourself online with the SDFC. Go to this link to join:

Club Dues

Our dues are $200 per semester. These cover the costs of our equipment, maintenance, insurance and operating costs. Dues should be paid by their second sailing practice. We take cash, checks and money orders. Checks should be made out to ASU Sailing. Without your dues, it would be impossible for the club to keep doing the things we do.

Did you follow all that to this point? Congratulations! You’re part of ASU Sailing.

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